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What we do


We promote national and international exhibitions.


Finding institutions to host exhibitions and partners who support them by means of funding and/ or publicity.

Contacting institutions around the world to organise itinerant exhibitions.


We conceive exhibitions based on specific requests as well as our own ideas, developing projects from scratch.


Researching and analysing projects, which we believe are of interest to the general public, and establishing the necessary conditions for implementing these initiatives, from planning to publicity, including the selection of the right curators.


We produce all our projects in an integrated manner, ensuring the coordination of all phases.


We take care of all the human and technical aspects necessary for each project, including transport, construction, assembly, maintenance and dismantling, exhibition design, graphic design, graphic and multimedia production for communication’s materials, lighting, verification and security, ticketing, development of educational programmes, seminars, workshops, guided visits, inauguration cocktails, coordination of itinerant projects (national and international) as well as production of catalogues or negotiation of catalogue production with publishers.

Press Services

We provide press services for the most diverse cultural events, including exhibitions, music and theatre.


Developing integrated and effective communications plans, creating media partnerships and feeding alternative publicity platforms, such as social networks.

Travelling Exhibitions

We manage itinerant exhibitions all over the world.


Contacting Collectors, Collections, Foundations, Archives, Galleries and Museums with exhibitions ready to travel or to assemble from their estates.

Promoting these exhibitions to a wide range of venues, using a constantly updated database that already has more than 1000 Museums, Foundations and Galleries around the world.

Taking care of all the necessary itinerancy logistics, from the presentation of the exhibitions, to the preparation of the work lists, Condition Report and technical data for transport and insurance.

Preparing all the necessary elements for the presentation of the exhibitions (texts, subtitles, press photographs, press release, logos of the institutions of origin, etc.) and making them available to the hosting venues.

Dealing with the legal documentation and supervising the compliance with transport and insurance conditions, as well as the coherence of the communication pieces and the exhibition design.

Accompanying the unpacking – filling in the due Condition Report – and installing of the exhibition, as well as the disassembly and repackaging at the end of the presentation.

Finally, promoting the exhibitions we represent and ensuring compliance with all the rules necessary for their presentation, also benefiting the institutions that welcome them, easing the necessary contacts and procedures.

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