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Assessoria Mediática

Uma Intervenção na Atualidade Portuguesa

In May 2011 the Sala do Risco Gallery in Lisbon hosted an exhibition entitled An Intervention in Portuguese Current Events, developed from the project Portugal 2011 National Year of the Crisis, which sought to restore the Portuguese tradition of social intervention “barbs”, in a spirit of collaboration with creative souls from the most diverse professions.

Born online with a view to promoting reflections on the “qualitative reality” of the crisis, urging a civic reinvention through criticism and humour, this initiative transformed the diverse contributions made through this interactive platform into a pretext for an open debate, in the form of an exhibition, for all those who identify with an urgent need to reassess behaviours.

The objects presented constitute the individual materialisation of a common issue, rejecting the quantification of value and aspirations and recapturing the importance of the social aspect in an ethical re-edification of the nation.

Other Info:
Presented by: Portugal 2011 Ano Nacional da Crise
Sala do Risco Gallery, Lisbon
4 May to 3 June 2012

Gallery photos courtesy of Paulo Freitas