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Armindo Cardoso

Armindo Cardoso, an outstanding Portuguese photographer, documented decisive moments in world history, including the social and political upheavals in Chile before and after the attack on Salvador Allende, on 11 September 1973.

In Chile he also photographed the Mapuches, an indigenous population in the centre-south region of the country, depicting their habits and customs, in a collection of work of great anthropological interest.

Once back in Portugal, after he fled Chile in 1973 (leaving behind his negatives, which were later recovered), he profusely documented the country after the April Revolution.

Three photographic series by Armindo Cardoso are available for presentation: Rescued Memory (60 photographs); The Mapuches (40 photographs) and Eyes of Memory (80 photographs).

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Rescued Memory:

The Mapuches:

Eyes of Memory: