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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The exhibition Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards (CWPA) is an extension of the namesake award that every year since 2015 rewards and celebrates the best photographs that capture wild animals in curious snapshots of pure humor and joy.

Promoted by the team responsible for the CWPA in partnership with TE, the exhibition promises to captivate through laughter and humor, involving the public in the charms of the animal kingdom. The images are extremely popular, appealing to a wide range of audiences and conveying a strong message about the importance of environmental sustainability.

Curate your own exhibition suitable for your venue selecting from over 300 amazing photographs.  All images are of excellent quality and are supplied digitally with captions. The exhibition includes a bespoke video introducing the exhibition from one of the founders of the competition.

Versatile and easily adaptable to be displayed indoors or outdoors, the exhibition is certainly a boost to the climate urgency discourse through vividly expressive wildlife images. In addition to bringing an educational and fun experience to the public, the award and exhibition aim to promote wildlife conservation by supporting and working together with international organizations dedicated to the protection of animals.

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