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Frida Kahlo Her Photographs

Lisbon was the first city in the world outside Mexico to host the exhibition Frida Kahlo – Her Photographs. This was only possible due to an intense and long process of negotiations, amply rewarded by the immediate public success and enthusiastic media coverage.

This exhibition includes numerous photographs, mostly hitherto unknown, which belonged to Kahlo’s personal archives. They were presented for the first time at the Frida Kahlo Museum in 2009 and the exhibition showcases images which this renowned Mexican painter used to capture memories, as a work tool or as a means of fighting solitude. Curated by Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, a well known photographer and Mexican photography historian, this exhibition highlights the importance of this artistic medium in the life of one of the best known figures of Mexican culture.

These images have an undeniable value as a historic testimony but equally important is the presence of the vision of internationally renowned photographers, including Man Ray, Martin Munkácsi, Fritz Henle, Edward Weston, Brassai, Tina Modotti, Pierre Verger, Lola and Manuel Álvarez Bravo.

Paralelamente, foi também apresentada, pela Secretaria de Relações Exteriores do México, a exposição Cumplicidades. Diego e Frida., uma selecção de 30 fotografias em torno das paixões partilhadas por ambos os artistas.

After the exhibition’s success in Portugal, the Frida Kahlo Museum requested Terra Esplêndida to coordinate the event’s global itinerary.

Work developed by TE for this project:
Project Management
Graphic Design (Inês Costa)
Exhibition Layout (Inês Costa)
Coordination of Installation, De-installation and Transport
Media Relations
Ticket office, Shop, Gallery Attendants and Guided Tours Management
Educational Activities

Other Info:
Presented in Portugal by: House for Latin America | TE together with Lisbon City Council
City Museum – Black Pavillion, Lisbon
4 November 2011 to 29 January 2012

Photos of the opening courtesy of Lisbon City Council

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