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De África Zica Capristano

In the summer when the Portuguese national airline TAP launched three new routes to Africa, Lisbon Airport hosted the From Africa exhibition, by the Portuguese anthropologist Zica Capristano. The exhibition included over twenty photographs from four decades of travels and reflecting his profound admiration for the continent.

Through an enormous structure placed in the arrivals hall, mimicking the tailfin of an airplane, the transient multicultural crowds which throng this space were able to enjoy this fascinating exhibition of photographs which captured the public’s imagination.

Work developed by TE for this project:
Project Management
Production Coordination
Graphic Design (Inês Costa)
Exhibition Layout (Inês Costa)
Coordination of Installation and De-installation
Media Relations

Other Info:
Presented in Portugal by: ANA Aeroportos, Lisbon
Lisbon Airoport, Lisbon
20 July to 30 September 2011