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Travelling Exhibition

Korda Beauty and Revolution

This exhibition consists of 146 photographs by prestigious, world-renowned Cuban photographer Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez, known simply as Korda (1928-2001). The display, curated by Cristina Vives in collaboration with the Alberto Korda Estate, aims to present the prolific, varied work of the artist, without focusing on the widely known portrait of Che Guevara, ‘Guerrillero Heroico’, to the detriment of his other photographs. This portrait, a true milestone in the history of photography, brought Korda a resounding, unexpected fame, but ineluctably tied his work to the theme of the Cuban revolution.

However, Korda did not just document a specific historical period, regardless of its relevance or prominence. In truth, the artist’s work, whose diversity this exhibition aims to highlight, is rich in themes and genres, from capturing female beauty – firstly in the Korda studios, and later in the street following the 1959 Cuban Revolution – to creating portraits of the revolutionary leaders, from depicting individuals in the midst of crowds to producing rolls of military marches and popular assemblies, and from politics to scientific observation of the Cuban seas. Korda left his mark of quality on all the themes he touched upon, demonstrating his immense talent and true passion for the world and for life.

The exhibition Korda: Beauty and Revolution is divided in 7 sections — Prologue, Studios Korda, The Leaders, The People, The Woman, The Sea and Epilogue — and may also be enlarged, enhancing the diversity of the show, with 68 additional available photographs that allow presenting a set of up to 214 images.

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