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Be Fu**ing Perfect The Pursuit of Excellence

The exhibition Be Fu**ing Perfect – The Pursuit of Excellence, which results from the research project EXCEL – The Pursuit of Excellence. Biotechnologies, Enhancement and Body Capital in Portugal, coordinated by anthropologist Chiara Pussetti, who is also curator of the exhibition, invites us to reflect through artistic languages, such as photography and installation, about the search for perfection and the risks associated with it, exposing the growing technological capacities that allows, to those who want it, the chance to transform their body to reach these ideals.

The photographic series by Evija Laivina (“Everything is Going to Be Awsome”, “Beauty Warriors” and “Fat”) and by Jessica Ledwich (“Monstruos-feminine”) explore the latent violence in that pursuit, and accompany the results of the research, which delves into the market of biotechnologies that are used for human enhancement. Alongside the 30 photographs, a documentary “Chronicles of Excellence – In the Mazes of (in)Perfection” by director and visual anthropologist Francesco Dragone is also on display.

Work developed by TE for this project:
Graphic Design (Inês Costa in collaboration with António Faria)
Exhibition Design (Inês Costa in collaboration with António Faria)
Digital Catalogue (Inês Costa in collaboration with António Faria)
Executive Production
Media Relations

Other Information:
Presented in Portugal by: Instituto de Ciências Sociais from the Universidade de Lisboa
Galeria Óriq, Lisbon
15 September to 16 October, 2022

Photographs: Francesco Dragone