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Travelling Exhibitions

Essential Cualladó Gabriel Cualladó, Photographer

This exhibition is a tribute to one of the great masters in black and white of Spanish photography, Gabriel Cualladó, whose production is quite unique in photography, not only for its poetic dimension and its extraordinary freedom of expression, but also for the natural simplicity with which he approached his own interpretation of the world.

Through a wide selection of 138 photographs, it is shown how Cualladó portrayed simple scenes, devoid of artifice, capturing moments of daily life, instead of choosing grand themes or relevant people. Thus, in these photographs we see family, friends and anonymous characters that make up a close and intimate mosaic that takes us from the flea market of Madrid to the Parisian streets.

Precisely, Madrid´s flea market was one of his favorite photographic scenarios, and that series (Rastro madrileño) became an utmost example of his so-called ‘Humanist Photography’. It’s a work full of silences and narrative force, concentrating a great documentary component and a high aesthetic level.

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