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Antropología Fantástica The Photography of Lucia Herrero

Antropología Fantástica highlights the work of Spanish photographer Lucia Herrero, one of the most exciting new names in contemporary photography. Under the curatorship of renowned American curator and scholar Gail Buckland, the exhibition encompasses 109 photographs divided into of four distinct essays: Tribes, Species, Reindeer-Man and Tribute to La Bata. Part documentary, part fantasy – Lucia Herrero is master of a new genre of photographic storytelling.

Intersecting anthropology with fantasy, Herrero creates a new conceptual way of looking at society and culture in which documentary and imagination interact to challenge, provoke and move the viewer to a deeper understanding of the challenges and complexity of everyday existence.

With her camera and impeccable use of light, Herrero manipulates reality to elevate everyday life to a heightened state with intentional theatricality. The people portrayed in each of these photographs are unknown to Herrero before the initial encounter. Thus, there is a game of persuasion and seduction to create the bond that allows for these magical, probing pictures to be made. In addition to the 109 photographs that compose the main body of the exhibition, other images available in digital format reveal the backstage of these sessions.

Lucia Herrero is trained in architecture, photography and physical theatre and each discipline plays a role in her photographic work. Her education as an architect gives her pictures strong structure; her photographic studies taught her outstanding technique and mastery of light, both natural and artificial; and her physical theatre training allows her to read human expression and direct the physicality of the subjects towards symbolic self-imaging. Antropología Fantástica breaks new ground and affirms Herrero as an important, original artist on the world scene.

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