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Genesis Photographs by Sebastião Salgado

After being presented in some of the world’s largest cities to more than 2 million visitors, Genesis, by Sebastião Salgado, was brought to Lisbon under the auspices of the Lisbon City Council, the EGEAC and TE.

Curated by Lélia Wanick Salgado, the exhibition is composed of 245 large format photographs – the result of 8 years of work and more than 30 trips around the globe – that represent a personal perspective of the last natural and human strongholds of a threatened planet.

The exhibition is organised in 5 sections: Planet South, Africa, Sanctuaries, Northern Lands and Amazonia, and Pantanal – five ecosystems, in a broad sense, that Sebastião Salgado and the curator of the exhibition considered to best represent the dynamics of nature. In this context, Genesis presents environments that until now have managed to escape the transformations of modern society, remaining almost entirely intact.

Sebastião Salgado and Lélia Wanick Salgado were present at the opening of the exhibition in Lisbon, as was the Secretary of State for Culture, Jorge Barreto Xavier.

Work developed by TE for this Project:
Project Management
Graphic Design (Inês Costa)
Coordination of Installation, De-installation and Transport
Media Relations
Ticket office, Shop, Gallery Attendants and Guided Tours Management

Other Info:
Presented in Portugal by: TE in partnership with Lisbon City Council and EGEAC
East Tower Gallery – Cordoaria Nacional (National Ropework Factory), Lisbon
10 April to 2 August 2015

Photographs by Inês Silva.