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Graphic Picasso

The Cascais Cultural Centre hosted 24 magnificent large scale prints by Picasso, in what was a world premier for these works, which then set out on a world tour after Portugal.

As in the case of his drawings, this Spanish artist produced graphic works almost from the outset of his artistic activities, also rendered in paintings, sculpture and ceramics.

The phrase “I don’t look, I find”, is probably one of the most famous sentences ever to be uttered by Picasso and is also perhaps what best exemplifies his creative process. Picasso never set out from a pre-conceived theory but allowed his innermost passions to emerge in a gesture repeated every day, several times a day, without ever repeating himself exactly. Despite the complex production process they entail, prints are a medium which best demonstrate this practical métier, where works come to life through talent.

Other Info:
Presented in Portugal by: D. Luís I Foundation
Cascais Cultural Centre, Cascais
5 October 2013 to 12 January 2014

Gallery photos courtesy of D. Luís I Foundation / Nuno Lemos