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No Limits Contemporary Mexican Art

Bringing together artworks such as paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations, a challenging technical and artistic endeavour, this exhibition brought 36 works by 32 well known contemporary Mexican artists to the Portuguese public. These singular pieces revealed the diversity of artistic production in Mexico, encompassing conventional techniques and new artistic languages, united by a pressing socio-cultural concern.

The creators who participated in this exhibition included internationally renowned artists such as Abraham Cruzvillegas, Héctor de Anda, Gabriel Kuri, Eduardo Abaroa, Betsabé Romero, Davis Birks, Franco Aceves Humana, Perla Krauze and Daniel Guzmán.

Work developed by TE for this project:
Project Management together with the Mexican Embassy
Local Curatorship (Inês Costa)
Exhibition Layout (Inês Costa)
Coordination of installation and de-installation
Media Relations

Other Info:
Presented in Portugal by: Embassy of Mexico in Portugal | Oeiras City Council
Cultural Centre Palace of Egipt, Oeiras
11 April to 31 May 2012