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Woundscapes Suffering, Creativity and Bare Life

Promoted by the Anthropology Research Network Centre (CRIA), the exhibition Woundscapes offered the public an opportunity to glimpse different trajectories, which reveal spaces and times of exclusion and integration, withdrawal and participation, denunciation and criticism, abandonment and freedom, isolation and friendships: a territory marked by real or imagined paths where street children, youths, immigrants, institutions, services, therapists and professionals from the social sector cross each other, live and interact.

Woundscapes brought together 8 works, result or object of anthropological research regarding experiences of suffering, successfully connecting the academic world and civil society, disseminating the results of the research through images, videos, sounds, photographs and artworks.

Work developed by TE for this project:
Project Management
Graphic Design (Inês Costa)
Exhibition Layout (Inês Costa together with Curators and Artists)
Coordination of Installation and De-installation
Media Relations

Other Info:
Presented in Portugal by: Anthropology Research Network Centre (CRIA)
City Museum – Black Pavilion, Lisbon
18 May to 8 July 2012