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Assessoria Mediática

Noor Mouraria Light Walk

A proposal by the Lisbon City Council to EBANOCollective, a collective of artists/social scientists, NOOR – Mouraria Light Walk was a journey of art and light, which introduced the public to a new way of looking at the Mouraria neighbourhood.

NOOR, which means “light” in Arabic, was based on a historic perspective of the Mouraria neighbourhood and had an ethnographic and participatory element by involving the local community.

The Mouraria neighbourhood was one of the first Muslim ghettos in European history. Facing away from the Tagus River and thus bereft of sunlight for much of the day, its dark alleys became a synonym for illicit activities and a bohemian lifestyle.

This project, based on light effects, invited visitors to take a new look at the area and to interact with hitherto invisible or overlooked aspects of a neighbourhood which is simultaneously popular, traditional and multicultural, whose identity is inextricably intertwined with its diversity.

Other Info:
Presented by: Lisbon City Council and EBANOCollective
Mouraria neighbourhood, Lisboa
Route: Martim Moniz, Rua da Mouraria, Rua do Capelão, Largo da Severa, Rua da Guia, Rua Marquês de Ponte de Lima, Largo da Rosa, Largo dos Trigueiros, Rua de São Cristóvão and Rua do Regedor.
18 to 20 July 2013