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Assessoria Mediática

Sena da Silva Uma Antologia Fotográfica

The Lisbon City Council presented an extraordinary set of approximately 200 photographs by one of Lisbon’s best known photographers – Sena da Silva. The exhibition was held at the Cordoaria Nacional (National Ropework Factory) – East Tower Gallery.

A man of many talents, ranging from architecture to design and painting, Sena da Silva was also one of the most significant exponents of photography in Portugal during the second half of the 20th century.

To date this has been the largest exhibition dedicated to his photographic work. Curated by Sérgio Mah, this initiative was the result of a long and extensive research project about his estate, encompassing around 20,000 negatives and slides which Sena da Silva produced from the late 1940s until practically the end of his life, in 2001.

The exhibition included a very significant number of photographs never displayed before, which confirmed the diversity and extent of his photographic production.

Sena da Silva was also very well known for his photographs of Lisbon. As such, a substantial part of the exhibition focused on his relationship with the City of Lisbon – the places, people, neighbourhoods, gestures and everyday situations, the river, light, etc.

Other Info:
Presented by: Lisbon City Council
Curatorship: Sérgio Mah
Cordoaria Nacional (National Ropework Factory) – East Tower Gallery
22 May to 4 August 2013