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Assessoria Mediática

As Áfricas de Pancho Guedes

The Pancho Guedes’ Africas exhibition was held at the Santa Clara Market in Lisbon. Organised by the Lisbon City Council / Office of “Lisboa Encruzilhada de Mundos”, it was curated by the Portuguese art critic Alexandre Pomar. The exhibition brought together diverse African works of art belonging to the collection of the renowned Portuguese architect Amâncio (“Pancho”) Guedes.

Plastic arts, popular art, handicrafts and traditional objects used for ritual or everyday purposes coexist in Pancho Guedes’ collection, compiled over the course of an intense professional life in Mozambique and South Africa.

Other Info:
Presented by: LEM (Lisboa Encruzilhada de Mundos), Lisbon City Council
Santa Clara Market, Campo de Santa Clara, Lisbon
17 December 2010 to 8 March 2011