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Assessoria Mediática

O Corpo como Paisagem

With this exhibition the Embassy of Mexico in Portugal brought the work of Jorge Marín to Portugal for the first time, displayed in the magnificent setting of the Water Museum, at the Mãe D’Água Reservoir, in Amoreiras, Lisbon. The event included 21 bronze sculptures depicting the human body by this renowned Mexican plastic artist.

Jorge Marín is one of the best known Mexican plastic artists in the world of contemporary art at a global level. In a brief definition of his work it is important to emphasise that, through his figurativism and using the human body as a plastic tool, he transforms the human body into an inexhaustible means of expression. His work reinterprets the human body as a multifaceted symbol to speak to us about his philosophical, ethical and existential concerns, which, despite being individual musings, also reflect contemporary ways of thinking and feeling.

Other Info:
Presented by: Embassy of Mexico in Portugal
Water Museum – Mãe D’Água Reservoir, Amoreiras, Lisbon
18 August to 16 September 2011