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SURPRISE! The Remarkable Photography of Howard Schatz

Howard Schatz, one of America’s most esteemed photographers, has been producing surprising, brilliant, beautiful pictures for over 30 years. Visitors to SURPRISE! The Remarkable Photography of Howard Schatz, a new retrospective exhibition curated by Gail Buckland, will leave the exhibition in awe of Schatz’s originality, creativity and skill displayed in 90 large format framed photographs.

Schatz’s trajectory to stardom in the photographic world is unusual. A physician by training, he was for many years a world-renowned retina specialist performing challenging and delicate eye surgery. When Schatz changed professions, he didn’t change his commitment to perfection. His medical training gave him an understanding of anatomy unique among top tier photographers. One can view much of his work as an exploration of the human body, with or without clothes, in movement and in rest. It is through experimentation that Schatz arrives at his art.

Exclamations of “extraordinary” is the normal response when seeing chiffon-clad dancers gracefully performing underwater; boxers jumping rope in serial images; bodies transformed into sculptures; flowers turned into works of art. Elegance, beauty and power combine with the element of surprise.

Visitors to the exhibition SURPRISE! The Remarkable Photography of Howard Schatz will delight in each eye-popping image and will leave the gallery thrilled that what they have just experienced is rare in photography today – totally original work.

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All images ©Howard Schatz and Beverly Ornstein 1987-2020