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Amália por Júlio Resende

The D. Luís I Foundation presented Amália by Júlio Resende, a concert that brought to the stage of the Auditorium of the Cascais Cultural Centre the latest album by Júlio Resende, one of the most prestigious pianists of Portugal.

Amália by Júlio Resende is the pianist’s first solo project and the first incursion into the universe of Fado to feature in his discography. Released on the Valentim de Carvalho label, this unique album sees Júlio Resende revisit songs from Amália Rodrigues’ repertoire on the piano. This album seeks to use the piano to present the melodies of Fado, instead of simply accompanying them, expressing with the piano everything that Fado represents.

Other Info:
Organization and Production: D. Luís I Foundation
Auditorium of the Cascais Cultural Centre, Cascais

9 May 2015 – 21h30