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Carlos Carreiro in the Carlos Carreiro Collection

Surrealism, neo-realism and neo-romanticism are all present in – but do not define – the work of Carlos Carreiro. Indeed, no concept does. After 47 years of artistic practice, Carlos Carreiro remains a unique case in Portugal: his work is associated with narrative, social criticism, irony and the absurd but constantly refers to key names of the 1980s rooted in pop-art or neo-surrealistic representation bridging the naïf and the erudite. The exhibition Carlos Carreiro in the Carlos Carreiro Collection, presented by the D. Luís I Foundation, is a collection of essential works for both those who already appreciate this artist’s work and those younger generations not yet acquainted with this important Portuguese artist.

According to Carlos Carreiro himself, his work is aggressive, complicated, destabilizing and independent, though each painting is filled with an obsessive passion and a mixture of joy and humor – even though humor is still considered inappropriate, frivolous and too obvious.

Described by Fernando Pernes as “Hieronymus Bosch in the consumer society”, Carlos Carreiro has received many awards and distinctions in the art world and hopes his work is appreciated by future generations with fresh eyes, discovering new values and novelties.

Other Info:
Presented by: D. Luís I Foundation
Cascais Cultural Centre, Cascais
7 de Fevereiro a 12 de Abril de 2015

Gallery photos courtesy of D. Luís I Foundation / Nuno Lemos

Featured image: detail of a painting by Carlos Carreiro.