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The Light of Lisbon

Poets, writers, painters, photographers and filmmakers, whether from Lisbon itself, elsewhere in Portugal or abroad, have all paid homage to the natural light of Lisbon in their artistic creations.

Considered an immaterial icon of the city par excellence, the mythical natural light of the Portuguese capital is now celebrated in the exhibition The Light of Lisbon at the Museum of Lisboa. The Lisbon City Council and the EGEAC present this exhibition that addresses not only scientific questions about the properties of the city’s light, but also explores the presence and influence of Lisbon’s light in art and visual culture of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Curated by Professor Ana Eiró, PhD in physics and former director of the National Museum of Natural History and Science, and by Acácio de Almeida, director of photography for both Portuguese and foreign films, the exhibition The Light of Lisbon is developed in partnership with the TV programme “Imagens de Marca”, the EDP Foundation, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, the Video Library of Lisbon and the São Jorge Cinema, among other institutions.

Other Info:
Lisbon City Council and EGEAC
Museum of Lisbon – Torreão Poente (West Tower), Praça do Comércio
17 July 2015 to 27 March 2016

Gallery photos courtesy of Museum of Lisbon.

Featured image: detail of a photograph by Nuno Cera