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Projecto Ruínas

Since 2023, TE has collaborated with Projecto Ruínas in the public relations of the plays that the company presents throughout Portugal, as well as other activities related to theatrical creation developed by the group from its headquarters in Montemor-o-Novo.

The divulgation of the plays “Em Bicos de Pés”, “Na Hora do Intervalo”, “O Espírito – La Danse du Jour”, “Whisper”, the podcast “Alergias”, and the participation of Projecto Ruínas in the theater festivals “Noites Shorts” and “Festival de Teatro Cómico da Maia” are some examples of this collaboration.

Projecto Ruínas is a theater company that has sought a unique path of creation through experimentation, crossing disciplines and influences, devising, and new dramaturgies. Based on the assumption that each project must always follow a new path, Ruínas tries to share the experience of creation with the public in its projects. Projecto Ruínas was founded in 2000 by a group of artists from different disciplines and over the last two decades has produced more than 40 plays.