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Frida Kahlo – Her Photos exhibition arrives in Canada and turns into a success

Two weeks after opening at the at the Glenbow Museum in Canada (Alberta, Calgary), the exhibition Frida Kahlo – Her Photos is already a huge success. Although it will be available for visitors until 21 May, the opening day of this amazing exhibition, at 3 February 2018, had more than 2.400 visitors!

Continuing its journey around North America, where it was recently presented at the Bowers Museum and the University of New Mexico Art Museum in the United States, the exhibition is now on Canadian soil for the first time. Under the direction of Hilda Trujillo Soto, the exhibition has been travelling constantly since its inauguration in 2009, at the Museo Frida Kahlo in Mexico City.

Frida Kahlo – Her Photos reveals unseen images which belonged to Frida’s private collection. The 241 photographs not only depict different stages and people in the artist’s life, but they are also items of sentimental value. Thematically divided into six sections – Origins; Blue House; Politics, Revolutions and Diego; Broken Body; Loves; and Photography – the exhibition does not attempt to present a chronological biography of Frida, but merely aims to reveal evidence of the personal history of the artist, of her country and of her time.

This photo collection comprises images which allow us to discover new facets of one of the 20th century’s key figures. In an interview with CBC radio, Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, the exhibition’s curator, states that the collection of photos itself, and the way in which they are grouped and processed, depicts a portrait of Frida. The huge diversity in the photographs which the artist carefully kept, cherished and personalized, whether consciously or not, reveals the complex fragmentation of her identity.