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Portraits of António Variações through the lens of Teresa Couto Pinto for sale on TE’s e-commerce

Photographs by António Variações taken by photographer Teresa Couto Pinto in the 1980s can now be acquired through TE’s newly launched online store. This is the first time these photographs are made available for purchase since they were taken between 1981 and 1983.

The five photographs were meticulously chosen by Teresa Couto Pinto herself – agent and photographer of Variações in the 80s, but also a friend and confidant –, and are available in a limited edition in which each fine art print is numbered and signed by the photographer.

The relationship between the photographer and the artist was always one of complicity and friendship, and that led to photographic sessions imbued with the deepest sense of creative freedom, and to creation of photographs that today are part of the Portuguese collective imagination, such as those in which Variações wields his scissors.

The photographs portray the singer at crucial moments in the beginning of his career and were selected from the photographic archives that Teresa Couto Pinto has safeguarded for more than 40 years. For 2024, the year in which António Variações would celebrate his 80th birthday, an exhibition with Couto Pinto’s photographs is in the works.

The prints for sale are 21,7x30cm fine art reproductions from the original negatives made following the art world’s highest quality standards on high resolution digital inkjet printing for photography reproduction.