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Terra Esplêndida has a new look

Terra Esplêndida has renewed its image to commemorate its 10th anniversary.

The new logo, created by designer Paulo Freitas, highlights the TE initials with a minimalist design using neutral colors. The simplification of the image and use of the initials, reducing the logo to a minimum, facilitates the promotion of TE to potential partners. By simplifying the logo, its visibility has been enhanced. The use of the initials is also intended to facilitate communication with international institutions, for whom it will be easier to recognize and pronounce the two letters than the full name of our company.

Ten years after the creation of TE, our enthusiasm and dedication to our work remains intact, as do our objectives. We wish to continue the work of perfecting the techniques, procedures, methods and approaches used, and the renewal of our image goes hand-in-hand with this desire to expand our presence in cultural dynamics, both in Portugal and internationally.