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Exhibition Hollywood Icons – Photographs from the John Kobal Foundation displayed in Brazil

The Hollywood Icons – Photographs from the John Kobal Foundation exhibition is being held at the Porto Seguro Cultural Space from 14 February to 15 April 2017. The exhibition, first shown in 2016 at Villa Manin, Udine, in Italy, contains magnificent photographs from the golden age of American cinema. These were carefully selected by the curators Robert Dance and Simon Crocker from a hugely rich collection of photos from the Hollywood studios belonging to the John Kobal Foundation.

The exhibition presents masterful portraits of an extensive set of stars from the classical Hollywood era, as well as revealing the photographers who created these images. The history of cinema is usually written from the perspective of actors or directors, and little attention is given to the herculean task which allowed the films and their stars to exist. The Hollywood Icons exhibition gives voice to the photographers of the history of cinema, revealing little known images of the photographers who worked discreetly behind the scenes, yet whose glamorous photos directed criticism at the film industry and the ‘star factory’.