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Korda: Beauty and Revolution exhibition presents photographs by Alberto Korda in Ghent

The exhibition Korda: Beauty and Revolution, which presents the work of the prestigious Cuban photographer, is on display at Saint Peter’s Abbey – Historic Houses of Ghent in Belgium from 18 May to 19 August 2018.

This year would mark the ninetieth birthday of Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez, better known as Korda (1928-2001). This fascinating artist became internationally known as the man behind the portrait of Che Guevara entitled ‘Guerrillero Heroico’. His work has been widely exhibited, and associated with the historical period which art critics defined as the ‘epic period’ of the Cuban Revolution. However, Korda’s prolific, varied work is not limited, as is often thought, to the theme of politics.

The exhibition Korda: Beauty and Revolution – which includes photographs of Korda, portraits of the artist by other photographers, and several prints from Cuban newspapers from the era – aims not only to draw attention to Korda as a complex, creative artist, but also to free him from ‘the weight of a single photo’. The exhibition is the result of careful selection, and includes such diverse themes as artistic creativity at Korda studios – where the photographer took his first steps into commercial photography in Cuba –, photographs of the revolutionary leaders, portraits of women and images of the Cuban seas. Korda documented all of this without ever compromising quality, moving naturally and authentically between glamour, beauty and revolution.