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TE shares thoughts about the art world

TE has as its core activity the production and promotion of high-quality photographic exhibitions carefully curated to be presented in museums and galleries around the world. In a reality in which cultural institutions are closing their buildings to the public in compliance with the efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus, we reaffirm our commitment to help artists and colleagues to meet the challenges of finding new ways to maintain their activity and to keep offering access to art and culture.

In the “new normal”, that hopefully won’t last long, cultural entities are adapting and, through public and free art offering, are helping people in their homes to overcome the struggle of social isolation.

Aiming to continue and embolden the conversation about art, and its intrinsic ability to bring people together as a community in these times of quarantine and uncertainty, TE has decided to begin a new project called “Sharing Art Thoughts”.

We asked museum directors and staff, collectors, curators and artists to share their perspective on the importance of art in our lives in times of global crisis, and about the effort that cultural institutions all over the world are making to get through this period in which the governments shut down all non-essential activities and how they should prepare for what’s to come.

Although considered “non-essential”, we understand the urge to support these institutions on continuing their work and metaphorically keep their doors open to the public via online platforms, becoming an essential cultural reference point offering both visual and intellectual stimulation to all those in self-isolation.

From now on and in the coming weeks we will be sharing short video testimonies in our social media, so that it becomes one more vehicle where these people and institutions can share their perspective on today and future challenges, as a way to raise awareness to the effort we, as workers in the cultural industry, must do to successfully survive this period and to achieve our main goal: to give people uninterrupted access to art.

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