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“The Eyes of Memory” by Armindo Cardoso at the Museum of Aljube

The Aljube Museum Resistance and Freedom, in Lisbon, presents between November 12, 2020 and January 10, 2021 the exhibition “The Eyes of Memory”, which presents 50 images by the Portuguese photographer Armindo Cardoso.

The labour and the struggles of the work force seem to be the elected theme for this set of images, but they end up revealing more. In many photographs, Armindo Cardoso captures the countenance of workers, farmers, cork workers, miners, fishermen, traders, protesters, intellectuals, and artists and, through these, takes us on a journey through the recent history of Portugal.

Armindo Cardoso’s point of view travelled through important moments in the history of a country in transformation, and the photographs now on display appeal to those memories and form a visual narrative about the 5 years (1975-1980) that followed the April Revolution. The focus of this exhibition are the so-called years of “reflux”, “counter-revolution” or “normalization”, depending on the narratives, which are often in the background in the portrait of the revolution.

The exhibition “The Eyes of Memory – Photographs by Armindo Cardoso” can be seen, free of charge, in the temporary exhibition space of the Museum of Aljube.

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