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Wildlife Photographer of the Year available for presentation tour in Portugal

In partnership with the Natural History Museum of London, TE presents the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition tour in Portugal. The exhibition features the roughly 100 winning entries to one of the oldest and most prestigious photography competitions of its kind.

One of the most popular exhibitions at the London museum, the international tour of Wildlife Photographer of the Year is growing and has currently been presented at more than 60 venues on 6 continents. TE, in partnership with the Natural History Museum of London, is offering special conditions to Portuguese institutions wanting to present the exhibition in their spaces and to their audiences.

Associating the power of photography with the promotion of discovery, understanding and respect for nature, the exhibition presents creative photographic works that inspire admiration for nature and highlight the need for its conservation.

Launched in 1965, the first Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition took place in 1965 with 361 entries. Today, candidates come from all over the world (from more than 90 countries), with around 40.000 works in contest.

The exhibition is divided into 20 categories, divided into 7 sections. Photographs chosen as finalists and selected by the jury are presented according to themes such as “Earth’s Diversity”, “Earth’s Environments”, “Nature Design”, “Documentary” and “First Photos”.

The exhibition is prepared with digital content (optional) for spaces of varying dimensions. The digital files can be projected and there is also content suitable for mobile phones. The files allow visitors to view exhibition photographs and two videos, as well as access information about the captured photograph on their smartphones through a web page (including information such as the geo-location and technical data of the image capture, the name of the photographer and the category in which it participates in the competition).

The exhibition also includes associated merchandising. Merchandising includes products such as the book Wildlife Photographer of the Year Portfolio – an annually published collection featuring the best photographs by some of the best wildlife photographers in the world.